About Us

The Gateway Consultancy is a consulting firm enabling various not-for-profit/ NGOs to enhance their projects and programs for the low-income communities. We help you professionalize your NGO in aiding you reach wider and impact deeper.

We can support you in writing grant proposals, sharing relevant funding opportunities, awards and grants to help you raise money for your projects. We can help you nurture your goodwill among your donors and stakeholders by helping you navigate through the project reporting cycle and devise communication strategies. With the increasing digitalisation of the world, we help you create a strong digital presence in the NGO world by helping you create websites, social media strategies and run e-mail newsletters and campaigns.

We, at Gateway, can support you in growingly complex due-diligence process and help your NGO get accreditation from India’s leading Accreditation agencies. Through our network, we can aid you increasing the professional competency of your NGO, knowledge and skill sets of your employees by providing information and access to various Training and Networking events.


We are a team of development professionals with a combined experience of 48+ years. Our experience though ranges from community mobilisation to international consultancy, we are proud to be practitioners in the grassroots development action and are currently involved in the same in our various capacities.

Nevertheless, we have built our expertise by working with national and international NGOs, social enterprises, community-based organisations, funding agencies and training institutions.

We also have access to network of consultants who support us in our projects, on contract basis.

Legal Status

Gateway Consultancy is registered as a Partnership Firm under the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 (Registration Number is 46/2016;  PAN – AAQFG4599J).