We provide consulting services to make your social enterprise work and make impact. We are team of experts in the NGO/ not for profit and social enterprise sector working to improve the lives of the underprivileged communities across the country.

Our strategy is to provide end-to-end turnkey solutions to your organisation – from planning your fundraising efforts to project implementation to evaluation and impact communication.


We have deep sectoral expertise in the field of Financial Inclusion, Microfinance (micro-savings, micro-credit, micro-insurance, micro-pension), Community Health, K-12 Education, Skill Development

Our service areas include, but not restricted to:


  • Proposal writing
  • Product development
  • Donor mapping
  • Online fundraising
  • Partnerships building

Communication 4 Development

  • Website development
  • Social media
  • Case studies
  • Photo/ Video documentation
  • Brochure/ Flyer design

Program Enhancement

  • Strategic guidance and Advisory
  • Project Design and Planning


  • Need Assessment
  • Impact Study
  • Recruiting services for NGOs and support Development Professionals


Our aim is to ensure sustainability of the organisation and its projects. Through which, we hope that the organisation will achieve deep impact with the community they are working with.

How we do this?

With expertise in professional management of NGOs and social enterprises, and with wide network of our consultants, we help the organisation build necessary systems and processes in place to be ‘donor responsive’.

While most of the organisations are great at their grassroots action, they fail to adequately communicate their activities, the impact they create in a clear and compelling way. This gap is not just in the traditional ‘reporting’ parlance, but also in effective marketing to potential donors.

We offer variety of services to fill this gap and make the organisation ‘donor responsive’ and build a brand around their work. We build the capacity in-house, by training the internal team to document, report and communicate their work. We register them to various funding and crowd sourcing platforms and connect them with funding opportunities across the world. Thus ensuring the financial resource for the organisation and their projects.