India Fundraisers

India Fundraisers (IF) is an online platform for the individuals and organisations interested/engaged in fundraising for non-profits in India. IF aims to: 1) Provide useful information, insights and resources critical to do fundraising for non-profits and 2) Inspire individuals to fundraise for their non-profits.

Explore India Fundraisers (IF)

  1. Find Funds for NGOs: Latest Funding Opportunities for NGOs I Access to Directories and Databases of Funding Agencies & Other support agencies
  2. Find Fundraising Jobs: Fundraising & Development Jobs Listings I IF Job Desk offers useful information, resources and tips
  3. Gain Knowledge and Skills in Fundraising: What’s New (Latest News, Updates, Events, Training, Resources, etc); IF Forum (Ask Questions, Get Answers)
  4. IF Resource Hub: Fundraising Resources I IF Premium (Paid access)- coming soon
  5. Share Information & Opportunities: Post a Job I Ask a Question I Post an Opportunity (Blog)